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I’m excited to be featured in the July Issue of Saint Louis Bride Magazine – Real Moments page 84. We had a fun night tonight at the magazine release party at the Marriot downtown. Check it out here: http://bridestl.com/browse-the-magazine/


Three great sessions submitted for the 2017 Down Syndrome Association Calendar!

The Muny is a favorite date spot for Rob and Amanda so we made sure to stop by.  I had been waiting months to see Robby’s moon walk, and he did not disappoint!  They even owned the band hats for the reception – awesome!  Congratulations Newlyweds!

We covered a lot of ground for this shoot!  I hadn’t shot in Soulard in a while – it was fun to explore and incorporate the architecture.  I’m a little afraid of heights so I had Tony and Sarah walk out on the overpass bridge… and had to yell so they could hear me over the sound of the trucks honking at them!  They even let me wrap them up in old lights for one last shot!


What?  ALL of the Archgrounds closed? All of it?  Plan B…  City Garden at Market and 9th.    The Sells are great friends of ours.  They are kind, generous, and they put God first.  Oh, and they are one good lookin’ family!


Robby and Amanda travel between St. Louis annd Branson to see each other on the weekends as they prepare for their Wedding.  It’s so cool that they are both working hard and making sacrifices for each other before their big day. I was lucky to see a sneak peek of Robby’s moon walk during the photo shoot… can’t wait to see the real deal in a few months!


Thank you Kevin and Tricia Fechter/Gates families for again choosing me for your big day!  You guys bring the crazy good time EVERY time!  Your perfect late-fall day wraps up this Wedding season…which means it’s time to grab some egg nog.  Merry Christmas!

As I take on commercial assignments, this was an opportunity to include a small footprint crew to produce a story from concept through final image.  Production included location research, four assistants, off camera lighting, outfit prep, a classic truck, and newlyweds Darren and Amber – who missed their calling as models!  Thank you Amber Gallagher, Darren Gallagher, Laycie Lynne, Sarah Cowart, Tom Walther and Allison Gallagher

Check out video of the shoot here:  https://vimeo.com/144586317




What an assignment!  Originally a Gulf gas station in 1951, Owner Chris ‘Wes’ Westmeyer has restored the building, making it the new home of Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing in Webster Groves, MO.

Chris let me know that as a kid growing up just down the street, he would stand outside the building with the employees, making conversation and enjoying ice cold Orange Crush soda in the summer.  Chris’s vision to restore the building and to differentiate his business both became reality by designing the contemporary working space for his team.  Every detail was considered… themed gas pumps and a retro sign were added outside. The interior is just as creative – the tin ceiling in the hallway relocated from the now demolished downtown Servco building, and the desks and tables are handmade from a downed Missouri barn.  You’ll also find interesting furniture and knick-knacks inside.  Even the company business card is a made-of-metal work of art!

Digital Strike- Targeted Marketing (digitalstrike.com) specializes in highly targeted digital marketing.  Reach out to their team for a high energy, fun and unique experience.  Or at least stop by to enjoy an ice cold Orange Crush! Check out their renovation video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi08E5I6KjI







From start to finish these two took over St. Louis for their engaement session. Their Wedding day was no different with two great venues – Botanical Gardens and the Forest Park Pavillion. Danny and Alyssa met in the Peace Corps and their friends came in numbers to show the international love!


David and Emily were both ALL IN on their Wedding Day.  Their wedding party matched their energy, which made the whole day fun.  David and Emily went to Disney World for their honeymoon – how cool is that?!   As a side note, I do have to confess that Emily was referred to me by Evelyn, and I still haven’t given Evelyn a referral gift yet! 



Jared and Hannah included so much of their own personality in their day. The outside terrace at the Zoo made it really easy for their guests to catch up before the wedding.  I also loved seeing everyone get out of those chairs and on the dance floor!




I was thrilled with the assignment of photographing food, portraits and environment for www.jmcarthurs.com  The Grand Opening is tomorrow – July 10th, located at 3500 Watson.  Visit them soon for some delicious local selections!



Had a crazy good time at Nathan and Kellie’s Wedding!  I still can’t believe how great the timing worked out for the acapella shot in downtown St. Charles.   I’m  not sure what I’m going to do now that all the girls are married!




It was really special getting to photograph Mick and Kyla’s handsome baby boy Wyatt ! He’s family, and it’s been a while since I had a chance to hold a baby! Wyatt did AWESOME – even stayed awake to listen to Mick and Kyla from behind the camera. Congratulations Hendersons!


I was thrilled when my cousin Darren asked me to shoot his Wedding, and the day was so fun watching their joy and  catching up with family!     Amber and Darren thank you for being so open to my ideas !  See you soon!



Time with family + The beach + Creative freedom = The Perfect Week.



Barb’s boys made the holidays extra special for her by traveling from both the east and west coast to spend the holidays here in St. Louis.  December isn’t the most colorful time of year, but the landscape design and architecture at The Missouri Botanical Garden provide some interesting options.  It is also much less visited in the winter, so if you don’t mind a brisk walk you can explore as if it is all your own.


I was so excited that Dan and Julie asked me to photograph Bennett shortly after he was born.  I met Julie  ten years ago during my first photography assignment while shooting photos at the S Bar F Scout Ranch.  Below is one of my favorite shots from that summer – that’s Julie out there rowing the boat! As I remember it I was yelling across the lake asking her to row back and forth (like 10 times) until I had the boat in the perfect position. I think it is safe to say that Julie and Dan share a love for the outdoors.  Dan is a fly fisherman and has also made some really cool videos.  Check out his recent fishingmill video here: http://www.f2fapps.com/yTaeLAin;jsessionid=E84B039BE30E439B26FC5A1A7AEDD7B6.w189?acid=129376225


My brother and his family live in Dodge City, Kansas.  We convinced them to meet us in Colorado for a few days.  We were also lucky enough to hang out with the Myers family.  The time we get with you both is always too short!   I’m also including some shots from our trip to the butterfly house.


This year just flew by, so it was fun pretending it was still Fall while editing David and Emily’s session.  I had fun shooting in to the sun for backlight and lens flare.  David and Emily are really sweet and were so fun to work with, besides, I knew we would get along just fine because Emily works with Evelyn at her daycare, so they are already old friends by now.


We selected old Sandy Creek Covered Bridge in Goldman, Missouri as the destination for the shoot.  About a half a mile before the bridge, I saw an old white Chevy in great condition parked in front of a house.  Most of the time I’ve found that classic car owners are really protective (as they should be), but I just couldn’t pass this up, so I knocked on the door to ask about taking some shots near the truck. I met the NICEST couple that we more than happy to let us use it.  Not only did the owner let us lean on it and get in it for some shots, he even offered to drive it ANYWHERE we wanted!  I’m not sure who was more excited – me or Jenna!


David and Katie gave me a chance to try out Creve Coeur Park for their engagement session, and since then I’ve been back a few times based on requests from other couples that saw their session.  I couldn’t wait to work with David and Katie again on their ridiculously perfect fall Wedding day. I was also excited to see Melissa and Andy again, and was even lucky enough to hop back on the Road Pony!  I think my favorite moment of the day was when Dave’s Best Man used his speech to “Raz” him like a big brother, and offered the toast with Smirnoff Ice, just like back in the day.


Kyle and Melissa were excited for months about securing Graham Chapel at Washington University, as they should have been…you can’t reserve it more than 12 months in advance, but if you’re lucky enough to get a spot, the architecture and lighting are amazing.  Kyle and Melissa took an opportunity to say thank  you to their wedding party with a toast at the Grand Basin (smooth move), before they headed to their reception at the Hyatt downtown.   The sunset view of the Arch and lighted dance floor were so much fun!


Just driving down the windy roads was a fun start to shooting Annelise and Jake’s Wedding.  We had a blast in the winter for their engagement session, so I knew their Wedding would be a great time.  You’re never too old to get excited about hopping in an old fire truck, and I think I learned some new dance moves at the reception.   Chaumette Winery is a nice getaway, just about an hour from St. Louis… and was a perfect place for ceremony and reception all in one spot.





This location was so unique and personal for Hannah and Jared.  We had plenty of room to explore where Hannah’s parents live and their neighbors also welcomed us to use their lake and old castle like house.  We had some trouble with an electric fence that definitely DID have electricity running through it!  But sometimes you have to take some risks to get that vintage-country look!


Alyssa and Danny challenged me to shoot a collection of their favorite places in Saint Louis.  Before we headed out, I enjoyed seeing their historic St. Louis photos that were taken really close to where they live near the Delmar Loop.    It was really neat to learn about how they met overseas in the Peace Corps and got to know each other before they started dating.  It was a hot day but their ice cold SUV air conditioner saved us each time we hopped back in for the drive to the next destination.   My favorite stop was the Amtrak station near the stadium, where Alyssa and Danny exit on the way to the Cards games… the stop reminded me of Europe and Chicago stations, we got lucky with a little lighting help from the oncoming Amtrak.


This session was so much fun… it started to rain halfway through, so we found cover at the Art Museum and got more creative! Ashley did a great job of selecting colors that pop, and its always easy to find different backgrounds in Forest Park.  Ashley thank you for braving the weather – you look awesome!


I hadn’t seen my younger cousin Darren in a while, so it was really nice to reunite now that he is grown up and ready to get married to his beautiful fiancé Amber.  I’ve landed in St. Charles for shoots more than a few times in the last few years, so I wanted to explore some different ideas to keep the session new and creative, and they were totally up for whatever, just excited for the shoot.  I really had a great time with you both and I can’t wait for your Wedding, and to catch up with some more family!


Kellie and Nathan were up for anything, even getting cozy next to a huge barrel of hay!  Nathan didn’t seem to mind since he’s around construction sites from time to time.  We covered a lot of ground near their house, found some old abandoned barns (which are for sale by the way) and then explored some different areas of Creve Coeur Park.


What a cutie!  Look at that hair!



David and Rachel traveled all the way from Tasmania, Australia to get married here in Saint Louis!  Rachel is originally from Saint Louis and met David in Australia. Both are talented photographers… Rachel is a portrait photographer and David is a landscape photographer, and showcases his work in his art gallery.  Check them out here:


http://rachelschubertphotography.com/ (coming soon)

You’d think three photographers working together would have been a super stressful assignment, but David and Rachel were so laid back and a lot of fun.  I even had a chance to get some photo-geek-nostalgia photos with a few old film cameras that I hadn’t  dusted off since I used them for our wedding in 2006.  A quick thank you to Allison for assisting (even though I think she showed up just to hear David’s Australian accent).


John and Kathleen had the perfect setting for a private ceremony at their garden in Webster. It was great to have close access for images of their vows, that they both came up with (and made it a really special moment). Talk about romantic… John surprised Kathleen after the ceremony with a horse and carriage waiting outside the house, which carried them down the road to their packed reception at Robust with family and friends. So cool!


I was really looking forward to Andy and Melissa’s Wedding ever since their smokin’ engagement session.  The sporatic rain didn’t stop us, the Road Pony didn’t disappoint, and on this evening Grizzly Adams did have a beard.



Floyd and Stacey had a blast at their Friday evening Wedding with friends and family. They came to party too -they choreographed a dance that included disco, country, hip hop and an Irish jig.  Take a look below…






We planned two locations for our evening shoot– Westport and Creve Coeur Lake.  We took our time at Westport, then hurried over to the lake for sunset shots.   In between shots at the lake while I was setting up lighting, Dave and Katie found a snake on the dock by the water, just a few feet from where they had been sitting for their “toes in the water” shot!  To protect Katie, Dave caught the 6 foot snake with his bare hand, quickly built a fire, cooked the snake and then ate it for dinner.   Ok truth be told it may not have been quite this heroic, but who am I to judge, I probably would have screamed.




Had an awesome date night with Allison.  It felt like October baseball.  Chilly and windy = 3 hot chocolates!


It was a great privilege to work with Marcus Engel, along with Barb Dewalle, Jenny Aycock, and Marcus’s wife Marvelyne.  Marcus is an inspiring speaker who has overcome great challenges.

I personally connected with Marcus’s I’m Here Movement message, which demonstrates what a vital role health care professionals can play, simply by being present and compassionate.

“Best-selling author and speaker Marcus Engel inspires and empowers audiences nationwide. His extraordinary story of recovery after being blinded and catastrophically injured by a drunk driver challenges individuals to achieve success by making intelligent choices.  Marcus’s unforgettable message of overcoming adversity will encourage you to view obstacles as opportunities, eliminate self-limiting behaviors and live life to the fullest.”





I had a great time shooting corporate portraits with my friend Pam Ware, Treasurer for the It’s Not Too Late Scholarship organization.  It’s Not Too Late Scholarship provides last-minute financial assistance to college students.  Check out the site here:  www.INTLScholarship.com


Had an awesome time with before and after photos for this event.


Had a great time listening to The Bittermen and playing around with off camera flash.


John and Pat Fechter just celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  No typo here…you are reading that correctly – married 70 years and going strong!  The Fechters attribute their long lasting marriage to their relationship with God.  They had a great turnout for their ceremony and reception with family and friends.  They even snuck away for a mini “engagement session” at Westborough Country Club.


Our good friends Andy and Betsy had some really exciting news , and a really creative idea for how they wanted to share it with the world.  We had a great time nailing the shot.   And yes, Ted Drewes is still amazing even when its freezing cold outside!  Congratulations Andy and Betsy!