Full of Potential

Our daughter Evelyn has Down syndrome. This beautiful girl is so sweet, funny, eager to learn and brings so much joy to our family!


She's accomplished so much already! Her differences alone will not define her.


Our focus is to guide her in overcoming challenges as we celebrate her abilities. We hope you'll join us as we work to create awareness in the community, secure growth opportunities, embrace diversity and empower the potential of people with Down syndrome.

Time flies when you're having fun!






Your Works are wonderful,

I know that full well.


PSALM 139:14


Inclusion: Community, School and Employment Opportunities


We've made some amazing friends!

Helped out at Sammy Soap, a workplace for adults with intellectual disabilities that supports wage equality.


Joined the Pujols Family Foundation at various events.


Stepped it up at the annual Down Syndrome Association walk in Forest Park.


Raised awareness with the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium.



Evelyn's teacher ran for her at the Walt Disney World Marathon!


A Chance to Choose Love


Most people are unaware that approximately 8 out of 10 babies who are prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted in the United States. My hope is that beyond the initial shock of a diagnosis, expectant parents will get to know and love their baby with Down syndrome. Your perspective changes – you find that your life is filled with beauty, laughter, love and potential.


I've provided testimony at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City in support of a bill that protects life of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Get Involved!


Pledge To Spread The Word To End The Word: www.r-word.org


Down Syndrome Association of STL: www.dsagsl.org


Pujols Family Foundation: www.pujolsfamilyfoundation.org


National Down Syndrome Society: www.ndss.org


Ruby's Rainbow: rubysrainbow.org

Picture Perfect


When we learned Evelyn had Down syndrome, I had a tough time visualizing what that would mean for our family. I hope by sharing these real life family photos it will make some of the unknown less intimidating for other families.