David + Rachel @ The Conservatory and Persimmon Woods Golf Club

David and Rachel traveled all the way from Tasmania, Australia to get married here in Saint Louis!  Rachel is originally from Saint Louis and met David in Australia. Both are talented photographers… Rachel is a portrait photographer and David is a landscape photographer, and showcases his work in his art gallery.  Check them out here:


http://rachelschubertphotography.com/ (coming soon)

You’d think three photographers working together would have been a super stressful assignment, but David and Rachel were so laid back and a lot of fun.  I even had a chance to get some photo-geek-nostalgia photos with a few old film cameras that I hadn’t  dusted off since I used them for our wedding in 2006.  A quick thank you to Allison for assisting (even though I think she showed up just to hear David’s Australian accent).